Through adaptive improvement in the contemporary world, we continue to administer genuine services in the speciality of chemicals. We will continue to advance in the field of speciality chemical intermediate business through our innovation, hard work and responsible care initiatives.

Every one of our employees has a crucial role to play, by driving exceptional progress in how we provide our services. We, at GCC share a virtue-driven ethos, and as we make our way towards a better future, these core values always stand strong. It is always today, tomorrow, and for our communal future.

CEO's Message

Our commitment to safety and security of our employees, and product stewardship is more than just a series of policies and programs. These commitments live at the core of our culture and are the essence of every decision that we make. By working together with integrity, we constantly strive to create a safe, incident-free workplace every day, everywhere. We aim to maximise our output through unceasing and sustainable efforts and processes. We have achieved many key milestones, and we continue to do so by aiming towards a sustainable and bright future



1. We’ve come a long way from our founding in 2014 as Gulf Chemical Center LLC. Originally known for the discovery and development of the active chemical ingredient in Oman, we’ve built a strong foundation over the past one decade.
2. From early discovery and development through manufacturing and commercialization, our suite of custom solutions allows us to tailor every engagement to your precise needs, whether that’s an independent project or an opportunity that cuts across the Chemical Industry
3. Guided by an experienced leadership team, gcc 25+ experts have executed some complex projects through to completion, every member of our team is united by a common goal: to help our customers.
4. We take great pride in a track record that stands among the best in the industry. No matter what we’re working on, you can trust us to deliver every solution to the highest standard—the direct result of unmatched expertise and years of experience completing projects just like yours.
5. 100% omani ownership company and truly provides a One-Stop-Shop for chemical products. We aim to be the preferred supplier of safe, efficient, innovative and profitable chemical products in Oman and Middle East.

About us

Transforming ideas into action and advancement, GCC is a global chemical research, development and manufacturing organization.

Our Mission

To provide essential and exceptional services and products to the chemical industry while sustaining a stable & consistent reputation through innovative intelligence.